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Yeling’s team of technical consultants perform technical visits on retailers and their end-users companies. Our professionals evaluate the existing risks on different activities, and map the needs of protection of hands, arms and forearms. Our objective is to present solutions in PPEs that can eliminate or minimize the existing risks. Our consultants perform:


Technical Visits


Speeches and Workshops


Product need mapping, focused on the costs and benefits

in company training for your company

Yeling promotes speeches and workshops about hand protection and the utilization of it’s products. We have a complete line of solutions that meet a list of different risks, such as high temperatures, cut resistance, chemical products, et cetera. It is essential that your team has all the knowledge to ensure maximum safety. That’s why these workshops are a true investment on your team. The training involves:


Raise awareness about risks, safety and hand protection.


Instruct about the necessity of indicating and utilizing the correct products to each activity


Providing the Technical Consulting services to develop products in end-users,


Present the company’s portfolio

free technical visits to Yeling headquarters

Recommended to students, technicians and work safety engingeers, the visits help to raise awareness about the need to protect hands and arms, and about the correct use of PPEs. The participants will receive a dynamic and practical knowledge, besides having access to our factory facilities, and all our manufacturing process. This way, even before they start working on this area, they’ll already know the best practices on the market in order to ensure the safety and performance of workers. In order to schedule a technical visit on Yeling’s HQ in Curitiba, contact us through the following link:

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