About us

protecting hands since 1980



Our mission is to offer people solutions, ensuring a greater protection, productivity and measurable value to our clients.


Our vision is to become Brazil’s benchmark in solutions of protection and safety, with innovation and technology, until 2030.


Integrity, coherence, agility, commitment

MOTTO: Mission given, mission accomplished.

OBJECTIVE: Ensure sustainable results.

BUSINESS: Protection and safety.


Yeling has a recurring concern on environmental responsibility. All the waste from the pigmentation and coating processes are sent to the correct environmental treatment, which means that this waste is transformed in fuel for high performance ovens in cement companies on the outskirts of Curitiba. In addition, all the organic waste from the company cafeteria are sent to the company’s earthworm farm, reduzing drastically the impact on the environment.


Yeling is a family company. That means that every product manufactured here carries in its DNA the care and the perfeccionism of the people who made it. For 37 years, we’ve offered all possible markets a variety of safety solutions for hands and arms, investing in innovation, quality materials and technology. We understand that we’re not just selling products: we’re protecting the hands and arms of those who make our country work.